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801-452-4120 | 5775 South 2200 West, Roy, UT 84067

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The following is a suggested list of supplies that will be used during the school day and may be brought from home on a voluntary basis. Items will be used in the classroom during the normal educational part of the day.  Any items you cannot provide, will be provided for you by the school. 

3rd Grade 2022-2023 Supply List


    • Highlighters (at least 4 different colors)

    • Watercolor Paint Pallet 

    • Crayons (24 colors)

    • Constant supply Expo dry erase markers

    • Gluesticks

    • Pencils and eraser tops or erasers

    • Constant supply of regular pencils (NO mechanical)

    • Water bottle

    • Individually, prepackaged snacks

    For Mrs. Harper’s Class Only:

    • Personal Pencil sharpener (that contains the shavings) 

    • Colored Pencils

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