School Information

Municipal Elementary School is located with the scenic view of the Wasatch Mountains to the East and The Great Salt Lake to the West. Municipal is located in the south east section of Roy, Utah. Roy city is 35 miles north of Salt Lake City and a neighboring city to Ogden, Utah. The school is part of the Weber School District  which includes the Area and communities surrounding Ogden and the Ogden Canyon Valley. Many residents are entrepreneurs, professionals, are employed by local corporations and Hill Air Force Base. The school currently holds around 450 students at it's maximum level.

Municipal Elementary is an older elementary school in Roy. It was erected in an area that was just west of the main section of down town Roy. It use to be next to the Roy Municipal building that housed the Roy City Police and Fire departments. In Olden days the public swimming pool use to be the schools neighbor to the south of the school. Now that the homes in the surrounding area don't have as many children as they use to have, many of our children are bussed in from the west side of Roy where new homes and younger families are more prevelent.


5775 South 2200 West, Roy, UT | Phone: 801-452-4120| Fax: 801-452-4139