September newsletter 2017

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Hello Eagles,

What a great start to the school year!  I have loved getting to know some of you and I feel like I have 30 or so student names memorized, not too bad for 8 days of school... I will continue to learn names so keep coming up and asking me "what is my name" until I get it right a few times.  

I have loved being in classes and learning along side of you.  We have great teachers here!  I'm impressed with the number of teachers who are here later than I am and who are taking so much work home to plan a great lesson for you in class.  

I need to apologize to parents who were effected by the change in bus schedule.  I had information (that I learned was incorrect) that indicated that the busses would arrive in the mornings at 8:15 and when they came at 8:25 the students who were eating breakfast didn't have time to eat so I asked them to come at 8:15 (like I thought they were scheduled to do.)    I thought that by word of mouth students would let their parents know that the bus would be a few minutes early--I should know better!  I'm truly sorry for all who I inconvenienced by making you bring your children to school when they missed the bus. I will do a better job of communicating what is happening in the future. 

As a reminder, please enter the parking lot on the south side and exit on the north.  Please do not use the bus lanes for dropping off students.  Please do not park on the west side of the parking lot as that causes students to have to go between cars to get to their rides and is a safety concern.  Thank you for your help!

And finally, there will be a bond election on Nov 7th and we have a couple of opportunities to get information on how that bond will effect you.  Sept 28th at 3:30 in our library, we will have a presentation followed by a question and answer period- we would love to have anyone interested come to that.  There is also information available in a quick 3 minute video.  Click here to view video.

Kevin Chase- Principal