School Class Information


We are thrilled to be ramping up for another awesome year! 

Parents of returning students should be able to go online right now and update your registration information on the Portal and save time filling out those registration papers later.  If no information has changed, it will be super easy.  After August 8th the Portal will also have information reguarding who your teacher(s) will be.  

New students- we can't wait to have you here with us!  We will have new student registration on August 2nd from 10 AM until 6 PM.  If you cannot make that schedule please call or e-mail and we'll work out a time that works.  

A few of you have asked about Class Supplies and before we give that out, let me give the LARGE PRINT disclaimer: 
This is a suggested  list of items that will be used during the regular school day.  These items may be brought from home on a voluntary basis, otherwise they will be furnished by the school.
(non instructional items such as paper towels, tissues, ziploc bags (gallon & sandwich),  disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer are always appreciated!
Kindergarten                 1st Grade                2nd Grade                  
Pencil Box                    Pencil Box                 Black Expo markers
                                    #2 pencils                  Glue sticks
                                    Crayons (24 pk)         Pink eraser
   3rd Grade                              4th Grade      
2- two pocket folder                3 composition notebooks
Glue sticks                              2- one inch binders
4 highlighers                           large glue sticks
(different colors)                     12 count colored pencils
12 count colored pencils        Highlighters
1 composition notebook         Black Expo fine tip dry erase markers
24count crayons                     1 purple pocket folder
Expo markers                          pencil box
pencil box                                Earphones or earbuds that will stay at school
                                               for use on Chromebooks
       5th Grade                                6th Grade     
Colored pencils or crayons           3 - spiral bound notebooks
Glue sticks                                    simple calculator
Extra pencils                                 Mechanical pencils (extra lead)
Pencil box                                     colored pencils
scissors                                        Highlighters
3 composition notebooks             Scissors (adult)
fine tip Expo markers                   Black sock (great eraser for white board)
Expo markers                              Pencil pouch (not box)
Headphones or earbuds              Headphones or earbuds
that will stay at school                  that will stay at school
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