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Teacher and Student Success Plan


Goal #1:

Improve student understanding in reading, specifically phonics skills in grades k-3 and comprehension and inference in grades 3-6.

 Goal #1 Action Steps

A student advocate position will be created to work with students who are struggling.  They will assist in both academics and with attendance.  ($12000)                                         Purchase substitutes to allow teachers time once a quarter to meet and map out where the needs are for the upcoming quarter.      ($4000)                                                    Professional development with conferences, purchasing substitutes to go view other teachers, and time spent working with our reading coach. ($1000)

Purchase 4 interactive LED TVs to allow students and teachers to interact with the curriculum in a digital format ($12000)

 Goal #1 Expenditure Category

  • Professional learning
  • Additional school employees
  • Technology

Goal # 1 Measures of Success

We will know our goal has been met when we have 30% average growth on DiBELS composite score from the beginning of the year test to the end of the year test  in Kinder through 3rd grade, and a 5 % average increase in the DAZE composite test scores for grades 3-6.


Goal #2

Improve students’ ability to collaborate, interrelate, solve problems- Academic and Social, and develop their social skills.

Goal #2 Action Steps 

Obtain the services of an aide to provide a structured recess where grades 4-6 learn specific game rules and how to interact when there are concerns, they in turn teach grades k-3 those rules and social skills  ( $3500)

Professional development with conferences, books, and time to develop curriculum that matches our core, our textbooks, and incorporates social development for students ($500)

Continue furnishing our  Modeling Space and develop lesson plans in conjunction with our STEM supplies where teachers can create opportunities for students to collaborate, solve problems and practice their social skills. ($1000)

Have a book study with teachers to increase their capacity  for teaching using a brain based approach ($500)

Continue working with the Leader In Me school program which will require purchase a day in the summer to have professional development with teachers ($2100)

If there is sufficient funds We would also like to obtain the services of an aide trained by our counselor who would ‘check in’ with students with emotional needs on a daily basis ($3000)

Goal #2 Expenditure Areas

  •  Professional learning
  • Additional school employees
  • Social and emotional learning support
  • Student leadership development
  • Other 

STEM/Modeling supplies

Goal # 2 Measures of Success:

Student social problem solving skills will be measured in two ways; First by reducing incidents on the playground requiring office intervention.  We have a goal of a 20% decrease.  Second by using the survey provided by the Leader In Me program.  We are using this as an initial year due to the COVID19 Closure last year, but we hope to show a 20% gain in student leadership abilities on their survey.


Who was involved in developing this plan? 

  • Educators
  • Collaborative Leadership Team
  • Administrators
  • Community Council Members
  • Parents
  • Support Professionals

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