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Our school

801-452-4120 | 5775 South 2200 West, Roy, UT 84067

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Welcome Hillary Barton
In attendance: Kaylene Robinson, Whitney Greenhalgh, Mary Burrell, Justin Anderson, Tracy Porter, Hillary Barton, Kevin Chase

Time turned to Principal Kevin Chase who gave a review of videos and questions from council about where Land Trust money comes from and our responsibilities as council members. He then reviewed this year's goals and current progress towards those goals. An update was shared on School Improvement plan and how the Reading Plan, Professional Development Plan, Trustlands Plan, Title One Plan, TSI Plan, and TSSA Plan all work towards the same goal.
The Title One Plan was shared and explained with input gathered on other goals and needs of school.

Council was asked for any feedback on Family Engagement challenges, and updated on what the 4 weeks of family challenges did.
Council was asked for any other input they wanted to share.

There were no other community members so there was not any community input.

Our next meeting was confirmed to take place on January 6th at 3 PM in the Library.

We then dismissed.

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