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Our school

801-452-4120 | 5775 South 2200 West, Roy, UT 84067

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1. Welcome by Kevin Chase. (Allison had to join by phone)
2. Review of 2020-2021 plan that was sent out by email. Specifically mentioned was the area where money was changed from Chromebook cart expense to the Math aide category.
3. Time given for discussion. (None was needed.)
4. Vote for plan
In favor: (by phone) Allison Murphy, Kaylene Robinson, Hilary Barton, Kevin Chase, Jacci Strain, Whitney Greenhalgh, Mary Burrell.
Opposed: none
Not available today: Tracy Porter
5. Thank you to all for participating on Community Council.
6. Adjourn (with reminder to reply to email from Trustlands council about agreeing with the plan. )

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