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Community council agenda 10/9/2019

In Attendance: Mary Burrell, Whitney Greenhalgh, Tracy Porter, Jacci Strain, Kevin Chase, Hillary Barton

Welcome : Kevin Chase.  Most members are continuing on from previous years, so those who are new will receive the Land Trust video link to be able to view where the Land Trust money comes from and the goal of the Community Council.

Unanimous decision to keep community chair from last year provided that Allison Murphy will continue.

last year's goals attainment: 

      Dibles Data for reading goal: surpassed goal of 30% growth in composite score from beginning of the year to the end of the year.

      Math data for SGA’s indicate that teachers did meet the goal, but will continue to work to ensure all students are mastering the essential learning targets.

Title One information and input: Discussion of how Title one moneys are being spent to support the overall school improvement goals to improve reading, math, and student leadership.   Discussion of how parent input and Community Council input drives the Title One Plan.

Other input from council: There were not any further items brought up for the council to consider.

time for community input as needed: No members of the community were present at meeting.

Tentatively schedule for remaining year for Community Council meetings: Tentative dates for future meetings are:

Nov 13th, January 15th, February 19th

2-3PM in the Library.

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