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Community Council Minutes

November 14, 2018

Municipal Elementary Library 1:30 PM

1. Welcome: Allison Murphy 

     in Attendance:  Allison Murphy, Kevin Chase, Mary Burrell,  Whitney Greenhalgh, Jacci Strain   Excused: Kaylene Robinson, Claire Crouch

2. Review of current title one plan and how it fits in with Trustlands plan - Kevin Chase.  Kevin explained Municipal's title one plan and what our school does with the funds. Mr. Chase explained how a sschool becomes title one and al the benefits.  Also he showed where to finde the plan online. 

3. Discussion of next year's Trustlands plan and what components are needed.- Kevin Chase.  Explanation of food drive money and desire to install plaground equipment for the older students.  We are working with Roy City on this project. 

 4. Discussion of Internet safety for studnets - Kevin Chase.  We talked about district program to keep internet searches safe for students.  The program is constantly updating.  Municipal is currently looking at options for technology options for more resources per classroom. 

5.  Time for community input. Allison Murphy -no community present

6. Verified next meeting time and date:  January 16, 2019  1:30 PM in Library

7. Motion to end the meeting by Allison Murphy, Seconded by Whitney Greenhalgh. Unanimous vote to close.

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