Notice of Meetings

Next Meeting: October 25 3 PM in library 

Proposed agenda

1. Welcome

2. review of current 2017-2018 school improvement (Trustlands) plan

3. proposed change of current plan to include projectors, a change in how Dibles scores will be measured to determine growth rather than # on benchmark.

4. review of last year's expenditures and final reporting.

5. Set the stage for what can go on next year's Improvement plan and invitation to gather ideas

6.. Time for community input

7. verify next Community Council meeting date and time.

Past Meeting's agendas:

Our first meeting is September 20th at 3 PM in the library

Proposed agenda :

1 - introductions and orientation
2 - review of progress on Dibles testing 
3 - a review of 2017-2018 trustlands plan
4 - a proposal for an amendment to the Trust lands plan to account for extra funds if needed
5 - set a time and date for next meetings


Proposed Meeting Dates 2017-2018

All Community Council meetings will be held at 3 PM in the library unless otherwise indicated.  



October 25th 

November 29th 

January 31st

February 28th 

and March (TBD -if needed)