Minutes 1/31/2018

Community Council Agenda

January 31, 2018

Municipal Elementary Library 3PM

  1.  Welcome: Kevin Chase

    in Attendance:  Kevin Chase, Mary Burrell, Kaylene Robinson, Whitney Greenhalgh, Jacci Strai

   2.   Review of proposed ideas and current spending of Land Trust Plan

   3. Discussion of benefits of the PLC time which provides teachers time to work on curriculum, design interventions, set scope and sequencing - etc

   4. . Discussion of proposed ideas for next year’s plan which included:

           Continuing PLC’s

           More Math time

           More LED projectors

           Extra reading time for upper grade help as well

           Field trips

           Non fiction books

5.Finalized amounts to go toward the different goals.  

Reading aides $10,000, Math aide $4,175, Computer & Music/Arts & PE $12,000, Projectors/technology $2,400

Jacci proposed a vote accepting the amounts determined, unanimous vote in the affirmative.   Council members will receive an e-mail with the written plan before next meeting where we will sign the plan.

6. Time for community input.  -no community present

7. Verified next meeting time and date:  February 28, 2018 3 PM in Library