Minutes 11/29/17

Community Council Agenda

November 29, 2017

Municipal Elementary Library 3PM

1. Welcome: Felisha Howell  

     in Attendance:  Felisha Howell, Kevin Chase, Mary Burrell, Kaylene Robinson, Whitney Greenhalgh, Jacci Strain, Julie Wood

1.  Review of current plan and proposed amendments

2.  Vote on Amendment to the 2017-2018 Land Trust Plan.  Mary proposed the vote on the ammendments, Felisha seconded.  7 votes for, 0 votes against.

3. Discussion of current Title one plan and proposed plan for gathering input through a needs assessment survey.

        Questions: amount given to school?  What are limitations?

        Input: More club participation would be nice, increase amount of clubs and # of students able to participate. Option to charge for certain clubs- scholarships if family cant afford the cost?  Volunteers: what would it take to have volunteers run a club or two?

4. Discussion of next year's Land Trust Plan and what information is needed to make that plan:  Reading and Math are still priority, PLC's seem to be important- will ask for more input from all teachers, Council members will look at other plans and submit ideas via e-mail before next meeting

5.  Time for community input.  -no community present

6. Verified next meeting time and date:  January 31, 2018  3 PM in Library

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