Minutes from previous years

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2017-2018   Year

School Community Council Minutes 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Attending: Whitney Greenhalgh,  Julie Wood, Kaylene Robinson, Felisha Howell, Jacci Strain, Kevin Chase, Marry Burrell, Clair Crouch

Introductions and orientation of what community council is. 

Election of Chair for 2017-2018 school year:  Julie Wood motioned that Felisha Howell be voted as chair, Kaylene Robinson seconded and vote was held - Unanymous vote for Felisha Howell to be chair. 

Election of Vice Chair: Kaylene R. motioned that Julie Wood be Vice Chair and Felisha seconded.  Vote was held and all 8 votes were for Julie being Vice Chair. 

Time was given to Mr. Chase to review last year's plan and goals.  SAGE results were not available, but DIBLES data was reviewed for Goal #2 and typing goals were reviewed.  

2017-2018 plan was reviewed and discussion on the need to change the plan to include projectors and change what the goal is measured by.  Whitney and Jacci were tasked with the job of re-writing the plans with the data to be measured, and Mr. Chase was tasked with the job of re-writing the portion of the goals to include some money for projectors with any carry-over and extra money given going to projectors.

Time was allotted for input from the community, but there were no other community members present.  Felisha Howell asked if we could include time for community members to come into the school and present about their jobs to make school more engaging to students.  

Dates of future meetings tentatively set as  October 25th, Nov 29, Jan 31, and Feb 28th all at 3 PM in the library. 

Meeting adjourned. 


Minutes 10/25/2017

Community Council: Wednesday 3 PM in Library

Attending:  Felisha Howell, Jacci Strain, Whitney Greenhalgh, Kaleen Robinson, Julie Wood, Kevin Chase

Items of business:

- Explanation of where Trustlands funding comes from and explanation of Utah Land Trust site.

- review of current 2017-2018 plan

- review of last year (2016-2017)  expendatures and final report

Items of discussion:

- discussed need to re-write current year plan  Julie Wood motioned for a need to change, Felisha Howell seconded, 6/6 approved need to change the measure of the goal and how growth will be determined.  We will work on what that looks like and then approve with signatures at the next meeting.

Set the stage for what next year's plan might include with decision to look at other plans to see what other items might be considered. 

Provide time for community input:  no community members present.  Felisha indicated that we may want to look into solutions for Lice at the school since there seems to be some concern there already this year. 

Next community council meeting set for November 29th 3 PM in the library


November 29, 2017

Municipal Elementary Library 3PM

1. Welcome: Felisha Howell  

     in Attendance:  Felisha Howell, Kevin Chase, Mary Burrell, Kaylene Robinson, Whitney Greenhalgh, Jacci Strain, Julie Wood

1.  Review of current plan and proposed amendments

2.  Vote on Amendment to the 2017-2018 Land Trust Plan.  Mary proposed the vote on the ammendments, Felisha seconded.  7 votes for, 0 votes against.

3. Discussion of current Title one plan and proposed plan for gathering input through a needs assessment survey.

        Questions: amount given to school?  What are limitations?

        Input: More club participation would be nice, increase amount of clubs and # of students able to participate. Option to charge for certain clubs- scholarships if family cant afford the cost?  Volunteers: what would it take to have volunteers run a club or two?

4. Discussion of next year's Land Trust Plan and what information is needed to make that plan:  Reading and Math are still priority, PLC's seem to be important- will ask for more input from all teachers, Council members will look at other plans and submit ideas via e-mail before next meeting

5.  Time for community input.  -no community present

6. Verified next meeting time and date:  January 31, 2018  3 PM in Library



Minutes 1/31/2018

Community Council Agenda

January 31, 2018

Municipal Elementary Library 3PM

  1.  Welcome: Kevin Chase

    in Attendance:  Kevin Chase, Mary Burrell, Kaylene Robinson, Whitney Greenhalgh, Jacci Strai

   2.   Review of proposed ideas and current spending of Land Trust Plan

   3. Discussion of benefits of the PLC time which provides teachers time to work on curriculum, design interventions, set scope and sequencing - etc

   4. . Discussion of proposed ideas for next year’s plan which included:

           Continuing PLC’s

           More Math time

           More LED projectors

           Extra reading time for upper grade help as well

           Field trips

           Non fiction books

5.Finalized amounts to go toward the different goals.  

Reading aides $10,000, Math aide $4,175, Computer & Music/Arts & PE $12,000, Projectors/technology $2,400

Jacci proposed a vote accepting the amounts determined, unanimous vote in the affirmative.   Council members will receive an e-mail with the written plan before next meeting where we will sign the plan.

6. Time for community input.  -no community present

7. Verified next meeting time and date:  February 28, 2018 3 PM in Library

Minutes - 02/28/2018


       present: Felicia Howell, Clair Crouch, Jacci Strain, Kevin Chase, Mary Burell, Whitney Greenhalgh, Julie Wood, Kaylene Robinson

2. Time given for questions on Land Trust Plan that was e-mailed out one week previous. 

3. Motion to vote on plan - Jacci  Strain, Seconded Mary Burrell

4. Vote held:  those voting for:  Clair Crouch, Kaylene Robinson, Jacci Strain, Felicia Howell, Kevin Chase, Whitney Greenhalgh, Mary Burell, Julie Wood

      those voting against: None

5. No community present for input

6. Motion to hold next meeting in September after elections are held (if necessary) - Whitney Greenhalgh , Second by Kaylene Robinson

7.  Meeting ajourned.

 Minutes for 2016-2017 were lost when we switched to this web format....We will keep all minutes from here on out on this page so that none are lost.