Minutes - 02/28/2018

1,  Welcome 

       present: Felicia Howell, Clair Crouch, Jacci Strain, Kevin Chase, Mary Burell, Whitney Greenhalgh, Julie Wood, Kaylene Robinson

2. Time given for questions on Land Trust Plan that was e-mailed out one week previous. 

3. Motion to vote on plan - Jacci  Strain, Seconded Mary Burrell

4. Vote held:  those voting for:  Clair Crouch, Kaylene Robinson, Jacci Strain, Felicia Howell, Kevin Chase, Whitney Greenhalgh, Mary Burell, Julie Wood

      those voting against: None

5. No community present for input

6. Motion to hold next meeting in September after elections are held (if necessary) - Whitney Greenhalgh , Second by Kaylene Robinson

7.  Meeting ajourned.