Minutes 10/25/2017

Community Council: Wednesday 3 PM in Library

Attending:  Felisha Howell, Jacci Strain, Whitney Greenhalgh, Kaleen Robinson, Julie Wood, Kevin Chase

Items of business:

- Explanation of where Trustlands funding comes from and explanation of Utah Land Trust site.

- review of current 2017-2018 plan

- review of last year (2016-2017)  expendatures and final report

Items of discussion:

- discussed need to re-write current year plan  Julie Wood motioned for a need to change, Felisha Howell seconded, 6/6 approved need to change the measure of the goal and how growth will be determined.  We will work on what that looks like and then approve with signatures at the next meeting.

Set the stage for what next year's plan might include with decision to look at other plans to see what other items might be considered. 

Provide time for community input:  no community members present.  Felisha indicated that we may want to look into solutions for Lice at the school since there seems to be some concern there already this year. 

Next community council meeting set for November 29th 3 PM in the library

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